• Foxy RAdio 5 June 24 feat Paloma mclardy aka palmolive
    PLAYING TRACKS BY Rob Moss and Skin – Tight Skin Continental Lovers Fractured The Slits The Raincoats Tianna Esperanza The Clash & more.

    Last show for a while. My magnificent guest Is founder member of The Slits & The Raincoats drummer Paloma McLardy aka Palmolive.
    Paloma chats about politics, The Slits, The Raincoats and her new book from which she reads a passage. This is dynamite!

  • foxy radio 29 may 24 feat allan crockford
    PLAYING TRACKS BY The Corettes, Martin Savage & The Jiggers, The Prisoners, The Gaileo 7 & more

    My special guest is multi talented musician Alan Crockford who is a major figure in Medway’s garage rock scene. Allan plays with The Prisoners a British garage rock band who have a new album, out called “Morning Star” Allan also fronts The Galileo 7 who has been described as a high-energy, psychedelic garage rock’n’roll band. They have released 9 albums to date. Allan is also working on his latest project called The Penrose Web. Find out more by listening to this inspiring Foxy show.

  • foxy radio may 22 2024 feat bobby spender
    PLAYING TRACKS BY Johhny Moped, The Phobics, Percy, Normil Hawaiians, Peggy Lee, The Pleasure Dome, Vic Godard & more.

    My guest Bobby Spender, front man from the Bristol band “The Pleasure Dome” who have just released their new EP “Liminal Space” Bobby talks to Foxy about the real-life problems of suicide, drug addiction, mental health issues and his own fight to survive. Don’t miss this

  • foxy radio 15 may 24 featuring gaye bykers on acid
    PLAYING TRACKS BY David Delinquent & The IOUs, The Pleasure Dome, Jah Wobble, X Ray Specs, GayE Bykers on Acid, The Tramps, Apollo 440, Boo Tickies & more.

    My guests are Mary & Robber Byker from GayE Bykers on Acid. These two charmers entertain with dark stories about Leicester, some of the unbelievable bands they have played with and the situations they have found themselves in. Mary & Robber play havoc with Foxy’s turntables.

  • foxy radio 8 may 24 featuring christopher strauli
    PLAYING TRACKS BY Thee Martin Savage & The Jiggers Roxane Fontana Red Light Effect Brigandage Andy Blade & Budies & more.

    My special guest is actor Christopher Strauli who is best known for his part in the ITV sitcom “Only When I Laugh” He has also appeared in many other TV and theatrical productions including the film “Rising Damp” where he played the part of an art student. Christopher shares his precious memories and special tracks

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