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Peter Fox DJ Potted History   

I have always been interested in music and presenting music; from my early years poking the live and neutral wires of a gramaphone into the old round bakelite mains sockets which I did secretly just to listen to the 45’s of Dion, Lonny Donnigan and Buddy Holly as we could not afford to buy a plug, or were my parents just tight?! I progressed my fascination, inspired by the pirate radio ships. I had my own plastic ship called Radio Orcadies broadcasting from my bath time tub, I had it tough.   

I started Radio North West Kent with one of the first FM microphones in the 1970’s. I extended the aerial and ran speaker wire down the washing line in our back garden and probably only had me and next door’s cat listening to RNWK. As soon as I got hold of a 30 x 30 RMS Prinzsounds Dixons amp for Christmas I swiftly got all the other equipment to make a mobile disco:  4 x 12 inch Fane speakers from Isle Street London, a battery powered mixer and 2 BSR turntables which were rubber wheel driven. I got gigs at my local Broomhill Youth Club and thanks to my dad for driving or else it was the wheelbarrow for transport.  

Weddings Parties were next when I started The Frisco Disco. I then took over from Bill Taber, the former DJ, at The Railway Hotel in Greenhythe Kent which is now a McDonalds at the bottom of the hill. Saturday night gigs there really took off. I devised the Foxy creation three- legged race which was a mad but successful idea. I recall 30 / 40 people joined in pairs one leg per pair tied together, this proved so popular I used to run out of ties and people made do with anything they could find to be able to join in and not be left out. The race was held outside the pub starting in the carpark then the track was the main road, not so much traffic back in the day! Finally, the first couple though the doors of the empty (except for the bar staff) pub were the winners who were awarded the fabulous star prize of a coconut!  Later I joined forces with the Fox Leisure agency (same name good coincidence) on the advice of local star DJ, Del Stevens. This agency put Foxy in in all their worst places to start with lol but I survived and grew and was quickly promoted to the top and their biggest venue, The Croydon Greyhound. I worked Sunday nights with the top bands at the time there such as Ian Dury, Talking Heads, The Ramones and the Banshees to name but a few. I then sat in for Steve Walsh at the Music Machine in Camden some nights. Steve was mainly funk and soul and he taught me a lot about that side of the DJ scene which was always, keep your head down when you play your set.  Anyway, somehow the manager, Mick Parker at the Music Machine liked me and offered me the DJ residency job which is where I worked from 1977 until it changed names to the Camden Palace, now Koko’s in 1982. I then worked various gigs at the Zig Zag Club, Notting Hill, The Venue, Victoria, the Lyceum, the Electric Ballroom, and The Golf Club/ The Pits at Euston to name but a few. In 1985 I was resident DJ at the notoriously infamous Croydon Underground club, 21 High Street Croydon, a place that holds many special memories of good times. 

I was recently brought “out of retirement” by old friends and things have really taken off again. Spizz Energi asked me to be a guest on Spizz FM in March 2019 and I loved it so much I went on to be a guest on two more different radio shows which I enjoyed doing so much that in May 2019 I started Foxyradio.com and have been immersed in that ever since. My show has been consistently charting in the top 1-5 positions in the Mixcloud radio charts, not bad for a beginner! My latest news is that I have now joined forces with Gwen Ever and from 1st March this year will be at the helm of a weekly Foxy Radio Show every Sunday from 8:00 PM -until 10:00PM   on dealradio.co.uk

Peter Fox  DJ  ‘CV’ 

The Red Deer Croydon: Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Stranglers, Tom Robinson to name a few. The Railway Putney: Bands that played included The Jam and Motorhead, Johnny Moped & Chelsea
The New Regent Brighton: Slaughter and the Dogs + XTC.
Top Rank Brighton : The Adverts, The Damned.
The Greyhound Croydon: Everyone from Adverts to Xray Specs ,this was a big venue in 1977
The Sundown Club Charing Cross Road: The Damned 2 nights
The Music Machine Camden (now called KOKO): This was another London top venue. All bands wanted to play there.  

The Green Man Croydon: Frequently stepping in for DJ Steve Walsh (Funk & Soul)
The Golf Club / The Pits under the Green Man Pub near Euston, Jazz Summers Venture small venue.
 Zigzag Club: 22-24 Great Western Rd London W9 3NN: Big venue
The Electric Ballroom: The Smiths, Nick Cave, Virgin Prunes 1983
Brockwell Park Save the GLC Aug 4th 1984: The Damned
The Venue Victoria: New Romantic night (I think I only did two or three weeks, hated it!) 

Crystal Palace Bowl: Anti -Heroin Concert 25th August 1985 With Hawkwind
The Underground Club 21 High Street Croydon: Medium size venue with hundreds of indie bands.  

September 1986  DJ’ed for Ringo Starr son Zak Starkey for his 18th Birthday party.

Croydon Conference Center Senser  

The Front Room St Georges Walk Croydon: The WitchDoktors (2 nights), Weird Things, Johnny Moped
Cro Cro Fest  Croydon’s first independent all day indie festival.
The Scream Lounge Croydon

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Every Sunday from 8:00 PM -until 10:00PM  Foxy Radio will be on dealradio.co.uk



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