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foxy radio 19 february 2023 featuring rebellion 2023 fest update with jennie russel smith + hot new band The molotovs

“Always a Great Listen” This week on Foxy I catch up with Rebellion Festival organiser Jennie Russell-smith for a Rebellion 2023 update. Plus, I get to talk to the Molotovs, London’s hottest, new, young, talented and dedicated band who took time out between rehearsals on the Vapours tour to talk to Foxy in the studio.

foxy radio 15 january 2023 featuring ken scott & Baz Warne

“Always a good Listen” this week our guests are Baz Warne from The Stranglers who talks about his latest project as the frontman in Wingmen their up-and-coming UK tour + their forthcoming album titled Wingmen. Plus on ths show we have Wasted Youth’s frontman, Ken Scott, who talks about how 2022 panned out for the …